Logan's Review (2017): The Best of Wolverine

Logan's Review (2017): The Best of Wolverine

What has become of the Wolverine in the year of 2029? James “Logan” Howlett is bitter and skeptical of all around him….as he very well should be. Left with the scars from battles of days gone past, Logan must deal with his bleak future and protect Professor Charles Xavier from himself. Laura, an 11 year old mutant with Logan's same gifts and abilities comes into the picture. The Wolverine's struggle and conflict is survival, but also one of comfort as a caretaker. He has no choice but to finally face his own mortality. “Logan's evolving story is compelling, forceful and bittersweet in revelation.”

Background. I only ever knew him as “Logan” or the “Wolverine” not by his full name. I had forgotten that he had a rich past. He was once a young boy with a family…living in the 1880's with his half-brother (Sabertooth/Victor Creed) in a small town in Canada. Logan's life has been filled with traumatic events, beginning as a boy. Over the span of many decades...the outcome of his battles are mostly always the same...watching his beloved slaughtered. Logan was ripped from his family and forced to live a life of a renegade; existing as fugitive and making it on his own terms.

Story.  Charles’ neurodegenerative disease is causing "seizures". It is becoming more difficult for Logan to hide Charles. While staying along the Texas border of Mexico, Logan hires an albino mutant, Caliban to be the day caretaker to Charles Xavier.

Logan is much, much older... jaded, hardened, senile and dying. The same adamantium that made him invincible is now killing him. Charles has managed to stay alive, but unaware of the destruction that he has caused. His episodes cause him to paralyze everything around him in a way that is most dangerous to all in the vicinity.

Logan runs a clean business of being a chauffeur, which he enjoys because he doesn’t have to get physically or emotionally involved with anybody. There are no strings attached and jobs bring in fresh supply of cash, while smuggling pharmaceutical drugs through the Mexican border. The cash is what keeps them alive. From day-to-day,  Logan struggles never knowing what the day may bring. Never knowing what or whom may come looking for him. But the hunters don’t want him or Professor Charles Xavier, they want the girl mutant(Laura).

Logan promises himself that he will never get involved again with the mutants. He is sure that there are no more mutants born in this era in the last 20-25 years. There is a mysterious woman that brings Laura to Logan. Laura is very much like Logan, but younger and faster also made of the same adamantium.

Laura is part of the last of the experiments of a group of children from the Transigen corporation. A man named Donald Pierce, a hired cyber-improved soldier from Transigen comes looking for Laura, hoping she will lead them to the other surviving mutant children, who have escaped the lab.

Logan saves a bullet he got from Stryker….in case he may have to take himself out. Charles urges Laura to keep Logan alive. Logan is genetically, her father afterall. She is the best of Logan and yet; she has not yet fully developed her gifts.

She is part of the last of the experiments of a group of children from the Transigen corporation.  A man named Donald Pierce, a hired cyber-improved soldier from Transigen, comes looking for Laura hoping she will lead them to the other surviving mutant children, who have escaped.

Professor Charles knows his time is coming to an end and has relapses in memory. He wants to preserve the last of the X-Men species. There was a time when X men were valued and even sought after. Once again they are treated like animals and made to serve as lab rats.... now born in the bellies of Mexican women and harvested in labs.

After much coaxing, the mysterious woman reveals herself as a nurse called Gabriela, who pays Logan to drive her and Laura to a safehouse in North Dakota called "Eden".

Logan begins to change his demeanor over time, but only after he sees that he must face his ultimate destiny. As Charles' caretaker, he does what he needs to do to survive....the only way he knows how.  In the end, Logan does not disappoint. He comes through like a champ. It is a fitting ending for a faithful warrior.

Critique. Logan (2017) will prove to be a Marvel classic. It is genuine and thoughtful, bringing out all the frailties in Logan that make him one of the X-Men favorites. Don't wait for the ending credit scenes...they will never come.

This is the third film as well as the last installment of the Wolverine series. The first and second are X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013). Logan was so much more in this film. Laura becomes Logan's saving grace. She is like him, flesh of his flesh, and blade like his blade. This story parallels the movie western Shane in so many ways. Charles watches Shane with Laura and explains the implications of the story, (the hunters and the hunted), and the importance of the hero. Finally, towards the end Laura looks upon Logan and whispers to the children in the mountains...“There are no more guns in the valley.”

The great thing about this film is that we see a transformation of Wolverine to Logan forever. He becomes a man and not the monster that he was made to be when Colonel Stryker finally made him “invincible”. Not a disappointment... but a savior to the last of his kind.

I feel as though this film was one of the best of the Wolverine installments. It was raw and real.  Logan has finally become soften by Laura. Although, appearing to be not moved by the news of his daughter. Logan eventually succumbs to his emotions….. “everyone that he tries to get close to dies.”

Logan builds a wall like most of us do. Never letting anyone in. He thinks that his safe haven at an old smelting plant  is safe from the world…until Laura comes. The world that he has planned becomes unraveled torn apart. His sole and purpose becomes to protect both Charles and Laura.

With all of the passion and violence Marvel could muster up, I know this was a labor of love. To date, I believe Logan is the most beloved, developed, and mature of all of the X –Men. The screenplay was well written by Scott Frank, James Mangold, Michael Green. Director James Mangold's vision of Logan could've been a bit darker, but then again if he went too far dark...we may have lost Logan for good!

We have followed the Wolverine through the women in his life, the death of family members, and the memories. We have a young professor Charles, James McAvoy that will keep Charles alive. And quite honestly, it was difficult to get accustomed at first. James is such a great actor…that it didn’t take long before I accepted him.

I don’t think any other actor could measure up to Hugh Jackman. They would have some tall shoes to fill. Thank you Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart for what you have given to the X-Men characters. Supposedly, these are the last Marvel scenes we will see   for these fine X-men actors. Good luck finding another Wolverine, though. It will be an almost impossible task. In closing, I would like to add.... please for God sakes….do not ever CGI Logan or Charles Xavier. Like ever. Let them be.

I give this film 3.5 stars out of 5.

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