Sunny Akhigbe with A Boy and His Dream

Sunny Akhigbe with A Boy and His Dream

Sunny Akhigbe is a professional IFBB Pro Body model, celebrity fitness trainer, author, and actor. His Nigerian origins give a wealth of stories and a strong narrative that provides words to live by. He has many talents and he uses his gifts to help others. His motivation and determination is unparalleled, making him a natural phenomenon in the entertainment world. Read about Sunny Akhigbe as he shares his gripping memoir with the world.

What are your careers/professions?

SA:I have many professions. I am an IFBB Pro Body Physique Model, Author, Actor, and am also a Master Degree'd Scholar with my Masters in Finance.

What people have been a positive influence in your life?

SA:To name a few my Professor from Purdue University - Professor Dworkin, Professor Sarah Saunder Smith, My Chief Executive Advisor Diana Bridges, My Director of my present employment the Perez Family, Mark Roscoe, Jose Santiago, my actor and entertainment industry.

Where did you train/go to school?

SA:Nigeria and the United States


What is your daily regimen? How has this shaped your success?

SA:My day starts and is 24 hours. I wake up, do my protein shake, work out, shower, finish a healthy breakfast that usually includes protein and fiber. I then am on my way to the office. I work 9-5 and am ready to then work out again. I spend time with my family/children and give them quality time. I then work on my online classes and prepare for the next day.

When did you decide to share your story with people? At what moment?

SA: I decided to share my story in January of 2014. I had so much to share and decided to write a book.

A boy and his dreamsWhy did you decide to write the book "A Boy and His Dream"?

SA: There are millions of people who are suffering from what I went through. I felt a need to share difficult trials that I endured and how I struggled to overcome those early challenges. From hunger to being ostracized by a polygamist family, I experienced severe poverty while growing up. At the same time, my elders imparted important lessons that I took to heart, including the message that I was in charge of my own destiny . I felt it was my time to share my story .

Choose a Nigerian quote or parable from the book that you go by.

SA:Don' t catch every stone. Cause if you do you will be busy all day. (Pick your battles.)

What do you want kids to know about having a dream and education?

SA:That no matter what they do they need to know that education is a key to life. It is their meal ticket. Without education and their dreams they will never amount to anything.

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Sunny Akhigbe Bsc MBA Purdue University
Actor/Fitness Model
Certified celebrity fitness trainer

Phone: 219.851.0170
FaceBookPage: Sunny Biggy Fitness
Twitter: @sunnyakhigbe
Instagram: @sunnybiggy :A Boy and his Dream

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