Today, I Am Happy!


I normally come on here and share with you some general insight that has come to me through a challenge or issue that I have been faced with. Well, not today! 

Today I am just here to give y’all a quick little life update. 

And for those of you who are thinking, who cares? That is totally cool! Feel free to exit off of this page.

Anyway! You have all been following my journey here for quite some time. It seems crazy that it has been so long since I started this blog. I remember being a senior in high school trying to explain to you all my thoughts about picking a college, leaving my hometown, and starting a new chapter of my life. Since then we have had some time where I have taken a few breaks from writing to focus on my life and enjoy college. As well as sharing some insight into my overall college experience and eventually graduating and starting the next chapter of my life during COVID-19. 

You really have been here through it all. And the best part, we got a lot more life to go! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and worry about the future - let’s focus on today. 

Today, I am content. For the first time in a very long time, I am okay with where I am, what I am doing, and where my life is headed. 

These last few months have been extremely challenging, which I have explained in previous posts. Having my senior year of college being torn away from me because of a global pandemic, having to move into my parent’s basement, looking for a job during a global pandemic, just being a 22 year old and dealing with normal 22-year-old things, and acclimating to this new way of COVID-19  ‘life’ was beyond challenging. I became discouraged and afraid. I had no idea what my future had in store for me or what my next step even was. But, I trusted myself and figured it out. 

And now I am here, content and genuinely happy. 

It took some time to get to this spot, but while I feel it I am trying to enjoy it. What do I mean by that? While I do have goals and aspirations that I want to someday reach - I am trying to focus on the word someday. And someday is not today. Understanding this allowed me to enjoy what is going on in my life now and appreciate it. 

I didn’t ever plan to come live back at home and work my first job here. However, I am now seeing it as a blessing. Not only have I been able to spend quality time with my family after being away at college for four years, but I also have been able to the comfortability of being home during this challenging time. The added bonus of having my best friends so close to me and being able to save money is kinda great!

While I know that this feeling of being content won’t last because I am the type of person to always search for my next adventure to conquer - I really am trying to just enjoy the happiness of now. The happiness of having started my career, growing as a person, loving my family time, and figuring out this ‘adulting’ thing with my best friends. 

This might all seem just a little cheesy, but oh well. If you know me personally you know that I have the tendency to dwell on the negative - but not today. Today I am happy!!

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