And With That Came Clarity...

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Do you ever hear quotes and sayings that make complete sense, yet you have never actually experienced the thought, message and or idea behind them? You understand it because it sounds logical and correct, however, until you experience it you don’t truly understand. This happened to me recently, and boy was I blown out of the water when I completely understood the true meaning behind those words.

“The obstacles that are in your way aren’t meant to stop you. They’re designed to point the way to a new route, new possibilities, and new doorways.” Anonymous

This quote is one of many that I have seen throughout the years that connects directly to struggles and obstacles in our lives, and how we are supposed to look at those in a positive way. These quotes outline the thought that even though there is difficulty behind these situations that life hands you, there are reasons for them.

There have been times in my life where I have been thrown tough situations and sad and challenging times. However, it wasn’t till the last few months where the message behind all of these quotes and sayings really resonated with me.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am somebody who has always known myself and what I want in almost all aspects of life. It isn’t often that I question myself, or my goals. I am in touch with my emotions and thoughts, ad normally can handle whatever is thrown my direction one way or another. However, with these last couple of months came struggles that challenged me beyond anything that I am used to.

It wasn’t a specific event or situations that took place, however, there were a few different things that occurred throughout the last semester at school, nothing too bad or severe. Classes were hard, I got a new job on top of my other responsibilities, and close friendships and relationships in my life changed. It was all of these things together that challenged me and left me feeling extremely different than I have ever felt. I was not in touch with my thoughts, and or feelings. It was like the Sam that I have always known was stuck, and she did not know why. She couldn’t just handle all of these smalls things in her life like she always has.

It took me a while, but I finally was able to take a step back from my life and really reflect. These quotes that talk about struggles always relate back to new paths and newer and brighter aspects of life. This was the part that I was missing. I was so focused on the present, consuming myself with the negative that came with this last semester that I was unable to look at the challenges that had been presented to me in a way that could benefit me. I was unable to see that this was life’s way of telling me that new things were in store for me, and instead dwelled and consumed myself with the negatives.

It took me listening to my own thoughts, wants and needs to get me back on track following the path that life is giving me. The people in your life know you and have great advice, but in some situations, you know yourself and what you need better. So, I quit overthinking, made a phone call I had been needing to make – and with that came clarity.

All I needed to do was take a deep breath, and trust my own feelings and thoughts that I had always trusted. For a second there I doubted the person that I had always been, when in reality life just wanted that person to grow. With all of this, not only the quotes and sayings made more sense than ever, but so did I.

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