No, I do not have all of the answers!

*Hello, everybody!! It has been awhile since I have written anything, so I apologize. I could say that I have been busy with everything in my life, but that would not be the truth. I was just not inspired to write recently. However, that has changed. I have many new ideas and thoughts that I hope to share with you starting now and going into the future. Thank you all for sticking around, and I hope you like what I have to share! *

Having almost completed my first year of college I can proudly say that I have a better grasp on adulthood and the society that we live in. It has not been easy getting where I am, but I am glad that I have made it this far. My life has changed tremendously since moving away from home, and I can positively say that it has indeed changed for the better.

During my time away from home I have encountered many experiences that many young adults encounter when being on their own for the first time. Going to the doctor’s office by yourself because you are extremely ill, paying and being responsible for important bills (ex. Tuition), learning how to maturely handle yourself in a professional setting, and overall just dealing with the fact that you are solely the only person responsible for your life are all things that I have dealt with throughout my first year here at Southeast Missouri State University.  All of the experiences that I have had during this first year in college have taught me many life lessons that I am glad that I have learned now, and can use to my benefit in the future...

By no means am I telling all of you that I have life figured out because that is clearly not the case. If you saw how many crying episodes my roommate and I have on a regular basis you would know that I am not even close to having any answers on how to handle the real world.  However, I am making an effort to learn how to become an individual that can.

Having met many people while living on campus and getting involved it has become clear to me that this one of the problems that young adults face. In my opinion, there are two sides to this problem. There are the individuals who have not yet come to terms with the fact that society is not all it is cracked up to be (so basically thy are still living in a made up world), and there are also those individuals who think that they have the answers to all of the problems that society has. However, there are students who lie in the middle of these two sides. They do exist!!!

These students that fall in the middle are the ones that are not just trying to get an academic education, but they are trying to learn during this time away from home on how to also be a functioning adult. These young adults are realizing that they are responsible for themselves, and their own actions. This is something that many people have a hard time understanding, myself included. It is very hard to take situations that do not work out in your favor and realize that it was your own actions that caused the end result. It is not enjoyable or fun to admit these things, but it apart of growing up and realizing that you are the only one who can make the differences that you want in your life.

I am not saying that everything that you do within these four years has to be a life lesson or insight to better understand yourself. All I am simply stating is that there are so many opportunities available to everybody during this time and that you are the ones responsible on whether or not you take advantage of those opportunities. I personally am going to continue doing my best at finding myself, while also becoming who I want to be.

College is fun, hectic, stressful, and crazy. It is a time that you are never going to get back once it is gone. So my advice is to experience everything, learn from those experiences, and apply it to life. You are given this time for the exact purpose of learning and becoming the individual that you want to be, so please, use it for that.

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