Anybody else feel like the world is out to get them? Sorry. That statement was SO DRAMATIC. (I know my flaws! Lol!) But really, does anybody feel like the world is just challenging them at this point in time? These last couple of months have been difficult for all of us for a multitude of... Read more »

Yet, I was always the young girl wishing for someday.

  I always knew in the back of my head that growing up wasn’t going to be like I thought it was.  Maybe that was because most of my life my mom kept telling me to stop trying to be an adult and enjoy being a kid… or maybe it was because my overly observant... Read more »

I have always loved love

I have always loved love. Since I was a little girl there was nothing that I enjoyed more than watching romantic movies, reading books about two people falling madly in love and recently watching an obscene amount of wedding videos on Youtube. To me, there is just something so magical about how people who truly... Read more »

Thank you, Tri Delta.

As many of you know, I am in my final weeks of finishing my undergraduate degree at Southeast Missouri State University. And as many of you could imagine, I have had a crazy and abrupt ending to my college experience. (If you want to read my thoughts and emotions from when the university announced they... Read more »

This is OUR WORLD, and WE decide what happens to it.

You would think that I have all of the time in the world to write now, wouldn’t you? Well… yeah, you are right. BUT, if I am going, to be honest with you all I have found myself with at a loss of what exactly to say. This is a crazy time in the world... Read more »

"Dude... it is not that deep."

“You got your whole life ahead of you, don’t rush it!” “You are only 22, you don’t need to have it all figured out.” These are two of the numerous statements I hear from people continuously when talking about my dating life or the lack thereof it. (And let me guess, I am not the... Read more »

I have said it before and here I am saying it again…

I have said it before and here I am saying it again… Truly, I am blessed with the people that I have in my life. You are probably thinking, jeez this girl is all mushy gushy and this is all she writes about… but I promise that is not the case. These last couple of... Read more »

But, this time is different...

I so vividly remember how extra syrupy the Coke in front of me was as I did everything I could to keep my tears from rolling down my face. This was it… How in the world did all of this go by so fast? Monday, I return to school to finish the final semester of... Read more »

Tomorrow can be so very different from today.

I wish I could tell you I was different… But just like everybody else on social media right now, I am reflecting.  How can you not…? Not only is it the end of another year, but the end of the decade. For about the last hour I have sat here typing random thoughts on my... Read more »

What the heck happened?

What the heck happened? One day I was sitting in my bedroom at home, writing a blog post about leaving for college and starting the next chapter of my life.  Now here I am, concluding the fall semester of my senior year. I really am unsure as to how it all went by so fast,... Read more »