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Life-changing lessons - #1 Write like you talk

Life’s lessons, big and small, are the essential experiences that wake us up and bring us back to our true selves and a simpler way of being.  Some of my best (and most difficult) lessons have become rules to live by, and for the next several weeks I’ll share some of my favorites in a... Read more »

Why do risk takers take risks?

My definition of risk taker may be different than yours. I don’t jump out of planes, I am not a world traveler, I don’t have any tattoos or piercings (beyond the basic holes in my ears), and for some reason, my wardrobe is filled with a lot of grey and black (I’m working on this... Read more »

Personal truth and the need to please

I’ve become enamored with people who speak their truth and stay strong in the midst of loud disagreement. People that honor what they know, do what’s right, and move forward, even when others would like them to back down. Lincoln, Thomas Merton, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Merida from Brave, and even Maya from Zero... Read more »

What do I do today?

Cry if you need to. You can also laugh or smile; or do something that makes you feel good.  Don’t believe that you have to suffer, it doesn’t help. Your energy is much better expended through love. Notice the love around you and notice the truth about the moment.  What you have, the gift of... Read more »

For the love of humanity, please like yourself

I haven’t even read about the latest shooting in CO.  I know it happened and that’s all I need to know. There is so much inner hatred being directed at innocent people. Why don’t people like themselves? A person who liked himself would never do such a thing to other people. A person who liked... Read more »

Why a guy needs to ask a woman 10 times if she is OK

Todd and I talked about this on Zen Parenting Radio last week, but I felt it necessitated a longer explanation. As women we can laugh about needing to be asked 10 times if we are OK – we identify with it, we normalize it, and we validate other women when they do it. But the best thing... Read more »