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Life-changing lessons - #1 Write like you talk

Life’s lessons, big and small, are the essential experiences that wake us up and bring us back to our true selves and a simpler way of being.  Some of my best (and most difficult) lessons have become rules to live by, and for the next several weeks I’ll share some of my favorites in a... Read more »

Trusting our kids as they cross the street

Every day when I drop off my kids at school, I stop at a crosswalk and a guard assists kids across the street.  And most days, to my joy, I get to see a 4th grader named Max cross the street by himself. He high fives the crossing guard, and some days he even gives... Read more »

Four Deep Thoughts About Fall (that kept me up last night)

The trees are so beautiful that sometimes they overwhelm me.  But I remember a time when I couldn’t see them or chose not to see them.  When I was young and constantly listening to my walkman, my parents would point out the trees as we drove through the country.  I would nod, but go back... Read more »

Listen, show up, or let go

Skylar had to go back to the dentist.  The 2nd time in less than a week and she wasn’t too excited about it. Last night I told her about today’s appointment – I explained what the dentist would do and why.  She asked if I would be with her and I said yes. She asked... Read more »

Letter to myself at 22

This was probably one of my most difficult years – I was on my own for the first time, I was broke, I had no idea what I wanted to do, and although I was surrounded by wonderful friends, I felt very alone and vulnerable. In this month’s Oprah magazine, Oprah and other celebs wrote... Read more »