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Liberating my daughter by walking out of Brave

Skylar and I are on a date – we are seeing Brave at the local theater. About half way into the movie she says, “Can we go? I’m tired.” I’m kind of tired, too.  The movie is beautiful in many ways, colors and imagery, but I’m bummed about the witch angle.  I’m a bit bored... Read more »

Why a guy needs to ask a woman 10 times if she is OK

Todd and I talked about this on Zen Parenting Radio last week, but I felt it necessitated a longer explanation. As women we can laugh about needing to be asked 10 times if we are OK – we identify with it, we normalize it, and we validate other women when they do it. But the best thing... Read more »

My grandmother knew

My parents are getting ready to move, so last weekend we cleaned out their house. There was so much to let go of, so much to sift through, so many treasures to find. My favorite treasure was a notebook that used to belong to Elizabeth Cassani – my grandmother and my dad’s mom. My grandma... Read more »

Five minute meditation for busy parents

You are in a hurry. Even when you don’t have to be anywhere, you are trying to get somewhere. You have been trained to be in a hurry, to move fast, to get a lot done in the least amount of time. But you feel disconnected.  You don’t know what happened between waking up and... Read more »

What do you really want for your kids?

I wrote this blog, which eventually became a chapter in my book, around this time last year. I was inspired because of the movie Race to Nowhere, but also because parents were constantly asking me about summer educational “opportunities” for their kids, or summer tutors, or how to get their children to “do better” next... Read more »

That's not respect, that's control

Jacey and I on a bike ride – me in front, Jacey riding behind me… Jacey: Mom, I want to ride along side you on the sidewalk. Me: I don’t think there is enough room….I don’t want us to hit each other….by the way, you were riding side by side with your friend in front... Read more »

Be here now, no matter where you are

My dad is in the hospital today. This is a difficult time for him, but in many ways he is calm and present. Yesterday he said to me, “You know, growing old is a hassle.” Such a great word – growing old isn’t awful, bad, scary, just a hassle. Then he said with a smile, “But... Read more »

The Red Tour in Chicago: Why I appreciate Taylor Swift

Taylor’s music has been a staple in our house for years. Watching her sing Mean at the Grammy’s (and then watching it again and again through the wonders of TiVo) led to downloading Our Song, You Belong with Me, and then eventually entire albums and live performances. And while I occasionally need a break, I... Read more »

Becoming a self-aware person, becoming a self-aware parent

I remember when I was 16 and I got my first speeding ticket. I ran in the house sobbing – not only did I have a $50 ticket to pay, but I believed it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t my fault, and why me? So my mom said something, most likely to soothe me, but it... Read more »