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Raising Emotionally Intelligent Boys: Why we need to let our sons feel

My oldest is entering 5th grade next fall, and to me, this is a life milestone, a teetering between childhood and preadolescence.  5th grade is an ideal time to focus on self understanding, emotional expression, body image, and stress reduction (basically everything that we adults are still working on).  These discussions are essential as peers... Read more »

Responding to criticism and spinning in the fields

The most common criticism of my writing and radio show is: “You need to talk more about your problems; you need to be more real.” I know what people are trying to say, but the truth is, at 41, I am finally being real. Here’s what I know – when something happens, I don’t just... Read more »

Creativity, learning to fly, and impressing the one that matters most

Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once he grows up. ~ Pablo Picasso When I was little, I wanted to fly. I’d jump from tables and chairs, using fly swatters, or even an umbrella in an attempt to suspend mid air. I dove into art projects, I baked (usually... Read more »

Do your children feel emotionally safe?

Everywhere I turn there are news alerts and articles about how to protect children physically, how to keep them from being hurt, how to keep them safe in school, on their bikes, in the car. Important and necessary, yes – but it makes me wonder why we don’t focus as much attention on children’s emotional... Read more »

Change the world by practicing what you know

You believe in self awareness, compassion, joy, love.  You understand the importance of self care, you adore reading (insert any teacher or self help author’s) books, and you love a great inspirational quote. You can analyze yourself, even offer up observations to explain why you do what you do, but you keep doing the same... Read more »

My grandmother knew

My parents are getting ready to move, so last weekend we cleaned out their house. There was so much to let go of, so much to sift through, so many treasures to find. My favorite treasure was a notebook that used to belong to Elizabeth Cassani – my grandmother and my dad’s mom. My grandma... Read more »

Becoming a self-aware person, becoming a self-aware parent

I remember when I was 16 and I got my first speeding ticket. I ran in the house sobbing – not only did I have a $50 ticket to pay, but I believed it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t my fault, and why me? So my mom said something, most likely to soothe me, but it... Read more »