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Peace in the bookstore

Bookstores are my getaway; a place I go to feel fully myself. It’s a sanctuary, it’s quiet, it smells good. I don’t have to talk to anybody, and there’s plenty of information, entertainment, stories, advice to manage whatever I can’t manage. I am a self-help aisle kind of girl, I always have been, and I... Read more »

What do I do today?

Cry if you need to. You can also laugh or smile; or do something that makes you feel good.  Don’t believe that you have to suffer, it doesn’t help. Your energy is much better expended through love. Notice the love around you and notice the truth about the moment.  What you have, the gift of... Read more »

Need peace? "Drop in" to your heart

We can continue to analyze the worry and fear that lives in our endlessly processing brain, or we can let go and move into the heart.  We have been trained to be brain-centric, so this is not always easy. Moving into the heart is a practice, a practice where I will be a forever student,... Read more »

Seek balance, not fights

All of our anger is being directed at Representative Akin, but he is not the heart of the problem.  He just spoke the problem out loud; therefore he is taking the big fall. He is one of many who are misinformed, one of many who believe that they know what is best for women, one of... Read more »