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Listen, show up, or let go

Skylar had to go back to the dentist.  The 2nd time in less than a week and she wasn’t too excited about it. Last night I told her about today’s appointment – I explained what the dentist would do and why.  She asked if I would be with her and I said yes. She asked... Read more »

Five minute meditation for busy parents

You are in a hurry. Even when you don’t have to be anywhere, you are trying to get somewhere. You have been trained to be in a hurry, to move fast, to get a lot done in the least amount of time. But you feel disconnected.  You don’t know what happened between waking up and... Read more »

Becoming a self-aware person, becoming a self-aware parent

I remember when I was 16 and I got my first speeding ticket. I ran in the house sobbing – not only did I have a $50 ticket to pay, but I believed it wasn’t fair, it wasn’t my fault, and why me? So my mom said something, most likely to soothe me, but it... Read more »