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When it comes to life success, we need to use words our boys can hear

As a mother of three girls who comes from a predominately female family, I have a lot to learn when it comes to masculine language. As I discussed in a previous blog post, my husband and I are facilitating a class for 5th graders about emotional intelligence and the girl spots filled quickly, the boy... Read more »

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Boys: Why we need to let our sons feel

My oldest is entering 5th grade next fall, and to me, this is a life milestone, a teetering between childhood and preadolescence.  5th grade is an ideal time to focus on self understanding, emotional expression, body image, and stress reduction (basically everything that we adults are still working on).  These discussions are essential as peers... Read more »

What do you really want for your kids?

I wrote this blog, which eventually became a chapter in my book, around this time last year. I was inspired because of the movie Race to Nowhere, but also because parents were constantly asking me about summer educational “opportunities” for their kids, or summer tutors, or how to get their children to “do better” next... Read more »