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When it comes to life success, we need to use words our boys can hear

As a mother of three girls who comes from a predominately female family, I have a lot to learn when it comes to masculine language. As I discussed in a previous blog post, my husband and I are facilitating a class for 5th graders about emotional intelligence and the girl spots filled quickly, the boy... Read more »

Why a guy needs to ask a woman 10 times if she is OK

Todd and I talked about this on Zen Parenting Radio last week, but I felt it necessitated a longer explanation. As women we can laugh about needing to be asked 10 times if we are OK – we identify with it, we normalize it, and we validate other women when they do it. But the best thing... Read more »

Can you be quiet?

I have always loved to talk (ask my mom, she has some stories). And I love that I get to talk for a living – radio, presentations, classes – I get to talk about what I love with people I care about. But that’s why my soul work is listening. I know the importance of... Read more »