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Change the world by practicing what you know

You believe in self awareness, compassion, joy, love.  You understand the importance of self care, you adore reading (insert any teacher or self help author’s) books, and you love a great inspirational quote. You can analyze yourself, even offer up observations to explain why you do what you do, but you keep doing the same... Read more »

Excellence, for all of us

Extensive Olympics coverage = me hearing the word “excellence” over and over again throughout the day. It’s such a powerful word filled with so much promise. But it can make me cringe, too – only because it carries an air of unattainability; potentially feeling too big or out of reach. No, it is not every... Read more »

That's not respect, that's control

Jacey and I on a bike ride – me in front, Jacey riding behind me… Jacey: Mom, I want to ride along side you on the sidewalk. Me: I don’t think there is enough room….I don’t want us to hit each other….by the way, you were riding side by side with your friend in front... Read more »