A 10-year-old sees the beauty in the simple

My daughter was outside today collecting bits of glass from the street.  I resisted the urge to ask why or to tell her why she should be careful.

She’s turning 10 this month so I am beginning the process of trusting and gently letting go.

She came inside with a bag of different colored glass and marveled at what she had found.

The beauty in the simple things I thought.

We cleaned out an old glass jar that was once filled with olives and she put in her tiny pieces of glass.

It’s so simple to find beauty in the everyday.  To notice what’s working, even when it seems broken.

To love something that may seem unnecessary or discarded, when really it just hasn’t found its place yet - it just hasn’t found a place where its beauty will be recognized.

She plans to find more glass to fill up the jar; she is excited about her new discovery.

To me, her findings are remarkable - a lovely view of something that has always been there.


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