What do I do today?

Cry if you need to.

You can also laugh or smile; or do something that makes you feel good.  Don’t believe that you have to suffer, it doesn’t help.

Your energy is much better expended through love.

Notice the love around you and notice the truth about the moment.  What you have, the gift of your life, the gift of being able to give.

Before a tragedy we are focused on the unimportant details - the outside appearance, the concern for what others think, the need to check things off the list.

But when there is a loss, we come back to love and the truth about our connectedness.

You may not “see” our connectedness – but you can feel it.

Yesterday I was hit with a tidal wave of sadness – like an energy moving through the air and into my body.  I needed to cry, move, talk – and I also needed to be quiet.

If you feel similarly, then you know.  You feel the connection.

Every choice we make has a ripple effect throughout the world, and the immense decision of one person sent a ripple through all of us.

So what do we do today, or I guess the question is, what kind of ripples do we send?  Anger and blame will not help.  Arguing and defending a point will not heal.

So keep it simple and love.  Smile, hug, celebrate your life and the lives of others.

Honor yourself, be kind and respectful to your children and loved ones, notice your choices and what you are putting out into the world.  What are you offering to this great connectedness we all feel?

And, of course, cry when you need to.  Your tears can be a reminder to be aware, kind, and connected.

Not just today, but tomorrow, and the next day, too.

This is your individual responsibility. This is how you take a stand.

This is our road to peace.

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