You matter

Make a plan for tomorrow.  Don’t try to "fit" voting in.  Figure out when, how, and where you are going to do it.  Find your polling place today and make it top priority tomorrow.

Voting is a privilege, a right that was fought for.  People around the world are fighting right now for the opportunity that we take for granted.

I get butterflies and my hands shake every time I vote.  I feel the magnitude, the gift, the work that has been done to get me there.

I don’t believe that my voice doesn’t count.  I believe it does.  Thinking otherwise just gives my power away and negates my importance.

I do believe that for all the negativity there is much more positivity.  For all the hate out there, there is a great deal more love.  No matter where you live, no matter who you are, we all want the same thing – a meaningful life.

So let’s create one.  And let's start by honoring our opportunity to speak.

Click here to find your Illinois polling place.

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