Four Deep Thoughts About Fall (that kept me up last night)

  1. The trees are so beautiful that sometimes they overwhelm me.  But I remember a time when I couldn't see them or chose not to see them.  When I was young and constantly listening to my walkman, my parents would point out the trees as we drove through the country.  I would nod, but go back into my head, my music, my world.  But now I see the trees and I want everyone to notice how beautiful they are (just ask my kids).  When we are surrounded by beauty and we notice and acknowledge, it takes us to a higher place.  Not only does it feel good, but we can easier access the beauty inside of us. 
  2. The trees let go of their leaves so they can get quiet and still and begin again.  We accept this in trees, but do we acknowledge this in ourselves?  Do we let go of what we no longer need or what no longer serves us?  Too often we hold on fearing that nothing new will come.  But something new always comes, that’s the cycle of life.  Trees don’t worry whether or not their leaves will come back – they let them go and trust they will grow and thrive another season.  Letting go of what you no longer need is part of growth, and letting go creates space for new things.
  3. I love the smells of the fall.  I love burning leaves and the feel of the weather.  I love the changing seasons, because I love how they gently remind us what to do.  I like that it gets dark a little earlier because I get off my computer and into my comfy clothes a little earlier. Fall is a reminder that even as school, work, and every other aspect of our life feels fast, we need a little more time to be slow.  Notice what nature is doing and trust your “nature” to slow down a little earlier.  You may find you get more done if you listen to your instincts about what feels right.
  4. Fall is happening right now.  I talk to a lot of people who are already dreading the winter, worrying about the weather, complaining about what “may” come in the next month or two.  But as they complain, they are missing what is.  Right now it’s lovely, the weather is mild, and the Midwest is an amazing place to be.  We have the opportunity to be present for now, and right now, it’s beautiful out there.

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