It's summer already? This sucks -

It's summer already? This sucks -

Well, this sucks.  I finally picked up my resized suede high boots out of the shoe shop in Pilsen last week. I’ve been waiting to wear them since early February.  I also broke out a myriad of winter sweaters from clothing prison (the cleaners) on the same day!  After earmarking enough money to cover a combined bill of $95 dollars, I was so happy to start the work week off with my new winter appropriate gear; to only find out it apparently is summer in Chicago again.

Summer has never been my thing.  I get through it in part because I am timing down the blazing hot weeks in my mind and dying to pull out a jacket when the weather cools a bit.  I was just getting used to the winter, albeit cooler than usual, but still with enough time for me to get one last run out of my wool lined slacks and now this.   I’m hardly a fashionista, but I love layering and winter is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the city a bit cooler, slower and nicer.

Another great thing about winter is the ability to conceal any poor diet (or Chunky Monkey Ice Cream habit) under a voluminous sweater and coat. There’s no need to worry if someone can see just how much I’ve fallen off (or over) the scale when there are knit sweaters, cashmere and possibly long johns to hide my extra layer of indulgence.

I only feel the urge to run in the summer and it is full on winter.  In my mind, there is still time to hibernate behind a ton of fish tacos, chips and extra guacamole and anything with cream!  The extra layer only gives me a reason to work it off during the summer. It gives me something to aspire to each year.  I’m screwed now because I have amassed an extra helping of everything the past few weeks.  Nothing is summer appropriate, yet.

I think of summer and I only imagine heightened crime, getting on a non air conditioned CTA train car on the way to work (the worse), poorly dressed (damn near naked) individuals of all ages, ethnicities and sizes along with a ton of humidity and bad hair days.  What’s to love?

 Here’s to hoping that we are only having a terribly warm week and I can get back into the cool of it all by the end of March….

 There was a small tidbit on the radio today regarding the last time we had early summer like weather.  It was 1995 and the same year we had a record high heat wave in July. With the advent of global warming and erratic weather all over the world, I hope our current warm streak is only temporary and a reminder that summer in Chicago is imminent... but still a few weeks away.

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  • Well don't worry - it's back to fairly cold now. I must admit, I'm a jacket person, and the "jacket season" in Chicago is terrible. Two weeks (if you're lucky) either side of summer!

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