Fall Weather is here - Clothing is NOT Optional....

Fall Weather is here - Clothing is NOT Optional....

I get terribly excited around this time each year. I enjoy watching the leaves turn colors, the brisk fall air and I thoroughly enjoy seeing shameful women that otherwise would parade around naked or in ill fitting clothes,  thus revealing all of their lady parts (while I secretly wish for cataracts at the moment) cover up because the weather requires them to do so.  Love it!

I’m still not sure if the Fall Season excites me because of the clothing not optional requirement or because I have an undying love for layering, sweaters, scarves boots, jackets and everything that involves covering up! I think I will go with the former. Each summer, I’m nearly temporarily blinded by the lack of clothing involved with summer attire.

 Don’t get me wrong. I’m hardly a fashionista.  If it looks cute, basic, and doesn’t require a lot of effort (no prints) to match, I’m game.  However, I manage to dress appropriately.

Besides, the Fall Season is the perfect time to really show off fashion. We can all look good when we wear CLOTHES. Being naked on the street, showing all the lady parts in the world because it is so hot outside (possible on ridiculously hot days) or because there is some desperate need for attention (ding ding ding) is not a valid excuse.

 Here are the things that I enjoy the most about Fall Season:

1. Any reason to buy hot chocolate with whipped cream on top (light cream). I’m still personally debating if I enjoy the super sugary Dunkin Donuts blend or darker chocolate/bitter Starbucks Hot Chocolate.  However, I think Starbucks made it easier for me because their hot chocolate is now nearly $4 bucks for a medium or is that GRANDE drink.

2. Leaves changing colors (which could very well extend through late December) when considering global warming or as some call it,  climatic changes.

3. People are required to dress appropriately or fear freezing off what is left of their…

 4. Boots and Boot Envy. There are so many great designs, colors and looks. It is the perfect time to find (sleeved) tops to match!

 5. Lake Shore Path: Only serious runners and bikers will bother  because now it is less about the binding work out gear fashion show and more about staying in shape year round.  Just find cute gloves! 

6. Reduction in Crime. I jokingly heard a person say that crime is lower in the winter time because people hide out from the frigid weather. In the summer, they come out and THAT is when they are actually SHOT! Could be true! Or maybe the summer heat is just irritating as hell?

Regardless, summertime is out. 

Fall is here and I can’t wait to readjust my eyes. Now there will be no need to turn away,  fake vomit,  cringe or gawk in disbelief -- at least not because of poor fashion choices! 

This is the Second City.  You never know what will show up next!

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    Fall. The skies look different. The air is a bit more crisp. And, around this time, it becomes more and more difficult to peel myself from my bed. For me, something about chilly &cold weather = hibernation and comfort food.

    Speaking of comfort, Chicago fall is also "the season of the last chances". It's time for single people, men and women alike, to "lock down" a winter mate. If you're interested in pillow talk over hot chocolate accompanied by thighs that are not your own - you might want to soldify a consistant partner before Chicago's Bill the Snow Blizzard comes knocking on your door.

    It's extremely difficult to toot your peacock feathers when they're covered in long-johns and wool. Do it now before fall falls over and freezes away!!!

  • "thighs that are not your own" Heelarious!

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