Cocaine is apparently on the menu?

Cocaine is apparently on the menu?

 I have a few friends from college that I still keep up with. Although it is going on a good 14 years later, they are true blue friends that I would be remised to find replacements for anytime soon. However, of course a few of those college friends fell along the wayside and usually for good reason. I have pictures to remind me of the good times we once had, but that is about it and for the most part, I don’t think much of them and I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

One ex friend that could party better than anyone else in the room and definitely would be willing try anything MORE than once, I heard has a new habit that I doubt existed during our college days.

 When I run into her, I try my best to dodge or duck her (like I did that time at DSW’s behind shoes) and although it may seem funny or even shamefully immature to say out loud, the feeling is OH so mutual.  I’ve caught her walking around another person in order to not directly cross my path either. It is far better to avoid the awkward meet and greet than to fake any pleasantries upon contact.

 However, no matter how little spit I would muster to help her if her ass was on fire someday, I still wouldn’t wish anything but a good quality of life for her. I wish everyone, even ex lovers (after jokingly telling them to play in traffic or go and kill themselves), that I hope they are happy and that they continue to take care. Clearly, I get over things rather quickly.  :)

 Apparently, the old college friend does coke or blow leisurely at parties in her spare time. I barely know the street term (blow), outside of watching that Penelope Cruz & Johnny Depp movie.  I never tried the stuff and couldn’t even describe what kind of high it gives. However, it is still an illegal drug and I’m assuming one that can leave a nasty habit in its trail- THINK -  Charlie Sheen WINNING! It might have been funny at first. An aptly timed F-U to the media God's at CBS,  but now he is a train wreck that nobody cares to watch anymore.

 After asking around to understand it a little better, I tried to weigh out if it was so bad to have a pricey habit like that (apparently blow is not cheap). I worried that at our age, a drug habit could clearly throw a dagger in an otherwise stable or structured lifestyle, but maybe I’m being a bit prudish?  

 Besides, times are really hard nowadays.  How are we all possibly keeping it together when we think about the edgy job market, unemployment, taxes, and crime and did I mention taxes?  For me, I now have a Forever Yogurt and gummy bear habit, but that is about as hard as I will go. I just never got around to doing anything else.

Clearly, I am as green as they come, but for me, it was a bit sad and disappointing.  In our age box, well beyond college, somewhat in our careers (if we’re lucky) and thankfully a bit more structured in our life and lifestyles, it can’t be easy to keep it together? We all still binge, have heartbreak, family drama or family dysfunction, right?

 Hell, I used to joke with my mom back in college. I would call her from school on a phone card (wow time is moving) and literally thank her for being such a good mom, for being supportive for not having a dysfunctional lifestyle because clearly, there were a ton of girls with self worth issues and I was thankful that it was never my problem.

 All this time I thought I was a bit prudish for not wanting to drink, smoke cigarettes or smoke virtually harmless (I’ve been told) weed.  I guess I got to give mom another call because no matter how sucky it is to be in my new age box, not quite sure what is going to happen next career wise, life wise or in my love life, it has never been THAT bad. I have always managed just fine.

 I honestly would NOT spit on my ex friend’s ass if it were on fire (correction from before), but I definitely wouldn’t wish her any harm at the end of an otherwise long and difficult day.

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