The EXCEPTION to the African American RULE?

The EXCEPTION to the African American RULE?

 I'm sorry that I don't meet your low brow expectation...

 YES, I know there is a growing census (among other ethnic groups) that countless African Americans in Chicago don't know how to act! We are loud, rude, ghetto hustlers who apparently have been raised by wolves’ right?

I know the impression that we MUST give you from your limited scope of a MASSIVE race of people. It can't be that off, right? We clearly are all the same!

The only exception is the “SUPER” White House Family right?  They are the select few with Ivy League degrees or any degree that happen to “speak so well”.

I hate to break the news to you, but others exist.

 We have HOPE, too! We HOPE that we aren't mistreated due to our ethnically sounding names, our ethnically gorgeous (or silky straight) hair or our broad use of fly colors to express our pride and relentless love for our culture regardless of yet another flash mob or violent crime. The Chicago African American Diaspora is far reaching and diverse.

 Just because we grew up during the hip hop era, it doesn't mean that we all drench ourselves in so many tattoos that we are destined to have ink poising along with some clear dental related issues due to our gold teeth.  Sorry, but we don't all subscribe and support the banal and grossly offensive lyrics that spew from so many CRap Artist today!

 Sorry, but I can personally attest to the music era that I enjoyed. It was good, witty, pride filled rap music with ‘Lyrics to Go’.   It included known artist like The Roots, Black Star, Beastie Boys, Common and oh,  A Tribe Called Quest (who by the way were so good they have a documentary – you should check it out).

I'm sorry to inform you, but I don’t have a diet that consists of fried food every day or at all (but so what if I did).  So what that I still eat sushi with a fork (and my girlfriends make fun of me), but dammit, that's because I haven't gotten around to perfecting the chop stick! It has nothing to do with my lack of class or social standing.  I just can’t hold those damn sticks without dropping food yet!

I have worked just as hard as and probably harder than you and it is because I have to!  There is an assumption that African American’s don't work hard. We are horrible tippers, have a "time issue" and even worse; we aren't smart enough due to our ill prepared public school upbringing.  In addition, we don’t know how to act. We constantly show our mounting issues in public and let’s not get on black women specifically…why are they ALL so angry? LOL

I’m sorry, but I don’t subscribe to any of that and why should I? I’m not the exception in the Second City! There are so many other “exceptions” who want to be treated fairly instead of being gawked at with amazement because YES, we exist.

I am a proud City Girl in a racially biased Second City World.  SIGH

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  • And we ALL don't watch BET. I do, but some don't.

  • You have a "voice" that is needed on ChicagoNow. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks so much.

  • Brava! You are my new best blogging friend.

  • In the vernacular of my son, I'm mad that you posted this. You have no more reason to explain yourself to people who need it, than to people who don't. I listen Glen Miller and enjoy black and white movies, big deal. That just makes me a black male who likes Glen Miller and old movies. It ain't that special. We all are unique with different types of uniquity, but that's all it is. We are not special because we're different.

    If people are dumb enough to think that we're all alike then what help do you have for them, really? If you're dealing with people who are not able to see the uniquity of you, then you dealing with the wrong people and that's on you.

  • In reply to B K Ray:

    Thank you for your comments. If you REALLY think my posting was merely about race relations then you did not understand the reason why I posted this - if anything it was to spark humor around the constant stereotypes that countless African Americans (that I know) feel when we are in an unfamiliar neighborhood or quasi diverse "community" around this City. It can be frustrating, but it is also equally laughable.

    My post was meant to poke fun at the idea that some how we all must be the same way. Clearly, we are not. I think other minority ethnic groups feel the SAME way in this City and my post, though meant to be taken as a lighthearted poke at some common stereotypes touched on both even handily.

    Thanks again for posting. I appreciate it and I can take it.

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