A case for '90s vintage

If you don't get why there are so many duds from the '90s dominating vintage racks, you haven't read this Wall Street Journal article yet.

I particularly like the point about '90s fashion not being too expensive -- yet. Because you know that moment is coming, and any kind of shopping in a down economy should be in "investment" pieces. And who doesn't want an investment that's going to appreciate more and is Isabel Marant grunge chic?

And the point about "Clueless" is equally valid. That fantastic flick is on Oxygen every other day and I want Cher's Calvin Klein more and more each time I see it.

Check out the article. If you're not a '90s enthusiast yet, it might make a believer out of you. Plus, the slide-show-walk down memory lane is the most stylish thing I've seen in weeks.

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