The vintage bikini

When encountering the oppressive heat of last Saturday, there are two things a Chicagoan can do: crank up the A/C and have a cocktail, or go to the beach and have a Solo-cup concealed cocktail. Last weekend we selected the latter.

Since we were at Hollywood Beach (aka Osterman Beach? Does anyone actually call it that?), we were mostly surrounded by men, but one girl caught my eye. She was in full Bettie Page attire, wearing a bikini with a cupped halter top and high-waisted bottoms, both in a large floral print. The black floral suit stood out against her milky-white skin and she even had a rolled bandana around her hair. She looked fabulous.

I was wearing a black Gap swimsuit and looked completely unmemorable. However, I know if I had tried to embrace this newly recycled trend that I would look ridiculous. I don't mind looking kooky or off-beat or even bizarre, but unmemorable trumps ridiculous every time.

What I'm saying is, there are several updated vintage trends that, no matter how chic and fantastic I think they are, I will never try. More power to that retro beach goddess, but I'll sit this one out.

Are there any trends, vintage or otherwise, that you guys won't try even if you really like them?

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  • Speaking for all Chicago men, I'll be the judge on whether you look ridiculous or not in a bikini.

  • Will... I knew it.

    I got nothing on this, maybe just that the bikinis in those days weren't all that bad, but the haircuts... really? reeealllly?

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