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Look out, Alice.

The best thing about a look book is its instant gratification. It's an immediate feast for the eyes and style receptors in the brain (there are probably no such things as style receptors, but just humor me here). Basically, it's the best pages of Vogue, but with an indie outlook.

But a look book is a difficult thing to put together. It's complex: It needs to have enough variety and interesting juxtapositions to intrigue the viewer, but also have a unique, yet relatable aesthetic theme. In the case of a fashion behemoth like Elle or Harper's Bazaar, the choices are virtually limitless, even within one season of clothing.

Vintage creates its own challenges. How do you create a scene that is at once modern and reverent of the clothes and their background? Essentially, how do you escape looking like either an outdated magazine or a shot from Masterpiece Theatre?

Frequent Vintage Heaven and perennial Etsy vendor Karyn Dethrow of Dethrose Vintage put together a look book that rises above these pitfalls. Dethrow collaborated with local  graphic designer Katie Yates and filmmaker Richie Harkrider, who together comprise the team at Blow-Up
Creative. Dethrow's looks are at once idyllic and edgy; it calls to
mind an Alice that chose to dive head-first down the rabbit hole,
rather than a hapless victim of curiosity. The styles also happen to be
excellent inspiration for romantic holiday dressing, so stop by the
site for a peek. Like a good look book, it's simply a pleasure to take

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