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NHL rightly closes investigation of "unfounded" allegations against Patrick Kane

Earlier today the NHL finally closed its investigation of Patrick Kane relating to the August 2015 rape allegation against him. As a practical matter, the NHL had to eventually bring closure to the matter – they had said they were investigating and they had an obligation to report that they were done investigating, even it... Read more »

The Chicago Blackhawks managed the Patrick Kane crisis nearly perfectly

Now that the District Attorney has announced that he will not ask a grand jury to review the allegations against Patrick Kane, it has to be acknowledged that the Chicago Blackhawks’ handling of the matter turned out to be a textbook example of excellent crisis management. There may have been some luck, and it wasn’t... Read more »

Patrick Kane exonerated by the DA

When Erie County District Attorney Frank A. Sedita, III released his statement today announcing that the “so-called ‘case”” against Patrick Kane would not even be presented to a grand jury, it represented about as complete an exoneration as an accused person ever receives. The DA’s statement was dismissive and sarcastic, and didn’t even mention the... Read more »

Quiz: What do you really know about the Patrick Kane case?

The Patrick Kane case has gone incredibly quiet since the circus week in late September when it seemed the lawyers in the case were holding a press conference every 20 minutes. But over the weekend reports out of Buffalo claim that the case will not be presented to a grand jury, and no charges will... Read more »

Don't dress up like Patrick Kane this Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and costume parties will be starting as early as this weekend.  Every Halloween we have some controversy where someone dresses up as something topical, but in an offensive way.  This year, you just know that someone is going to dress up as Patrick Kane walking around with an evidence bag or... Read more »

Patrick Kane's bobblehead headache

The Chicago Blackhawks are taking some predictable heat after announcing that their schedule of home-game promotions will include a Patrick Kane Bobblehead Night on January 24th.  It would not be wrong to call this another tone-deaf moment in their handling of Patrick Kane as he stands accused, but not charged, of sexual assault.  But let’s... Read more »

Patrick Kane does not have a right to play

Let’s be clear about one thing: Patrick Kane does NOT have every right to be at work, even if Rick Morrissey thinks otherwise.Jonathan Toews also does not have a right to be on the team. Nor does Duncan Keith, or anyone at the United Center except for Rocky Wirtz (he does own the team after... Read more »