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Don't dress up like Patrick Kane this Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and costume parties will be starting as early as this weekend.  Every Halloween we have some controversy where someone dresses up as something topical, but in an offensive way.  This year, you just know that someone is going to dress up as Patrick Kane walking around with an evidence bag or... Read more »

The NHL's new 3-on-3 overtime is a gimmick

Thoughts from Ornery Man: I get it – no one likes a tie game.  So a few years ago the NHL implemented the shootout if a game is tied after 5 minutes of a 4-on-4 overtime.  And for years all we’ve heard critics say is “it’s a gimmick” and “it’s a skills contest” and that... Read more »

The new and improved (?) Blackhawks should be strong in their division this year

Last season, the Chicago Blackhawks finished 3rd in their division and 4th in the conference.  They turned out ok in the playoffs though, winning their third Stanley Cup in six years. Still, the regular season does count for something, just ask the LA Kings who missed the playoffs last year after winning the Cup in... Read more »

Bickell's poor play, not the salary cap, forced the Hawks to put him on waivers

Yesterday the Blackhawks put Bryan Bickell on waivers, which he cleared, meaning the team can assign him to Rockford if they wish.  The salary cap tracking website General Fanager reported that the Hawks would gain $950,000 in cap space by assigning him to Rockford, and the Hawks are currently about $200,000 over the cap, and... Read more »

Patrick Kane's bobblehead headache

The Chicago Blackhawks are taking some predictable heat after announcing that their schedule of home-game promotions will include a Patrick Kane Bobblehead Night on January 24th.  It would not be wrong to call this another tone-deaf moment in their handling of Patrick Kane as he stands accused, but not charged, of sexual assault.  But let’s... Read more »