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Corey Crawford IS an elite goalie

TSN just published it’s Top 50 NHL players list for 2015-16. There are 5 goalies in the top 50. In order (with overall ranking in parentheses): Carey Price (3) Henrik Lundqvist (25) Pekka Rinne (29) Jonathan Quick (35) Braden Holtby (49) It’s clear Crawford will never be recognized as elite as long as he continues... Read more »

So what if I never played the game?

* This entry is a bit more personal than I would normally write, but it is included as part of a ChicagoNow blogger exercise. Sometimes you hear people criticize sports writers because “they never played the game.” Well here I am, on my third day as a hockey blogger, and I’m certainly wondering what I’m... Read more »

Patrick Kane does not have a right to play

Let’s be clear about one thing: Patrick Kane does NOT have every right to be at work, even if Rick Morrissey thinks otherwise.Jonathan Toews also does not have a right to be on the team. Nor does Duncan Keith, or anyone at the United Center except for Rocky Wirtz (he does own the team after... Read more »

How many Stanley Cups can the Blackhawks win in the next 5 years?

Sean McIndoe’s latest Down Goes Brown column ranked the Blackhawks as having a 1-in-3 shot of winning another Cup within the next 5 years, with only Anaheim and Tampa Bay having better odds in his view.  With the Blackhawks announcement this weekend of the signing of Brent Seabrook to an 8 year extension with an... Read more »

A Red Herring?

As I write, there have been two press conferences in the Patrick Kane case before I even had lunch.  Is that it for today?  We learned very little this week about the case itself — that is, what happened at Kane’s house in early August.  In the aftermath of a late night press conference where... Read more »