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The silver lining of a breakup...yes, there can be one

It’s probably obvious I’ve been dealing with some romantic issues lately so what better than to SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD! Actually, it feels quite great to share it with the world, so whatever. Anyways, in talking to a friend today, I realized there is a silver lining in this whole miserable situation. Do I... Read more »

Why does "30 have to be the new 20?"

You hear this all the time. “40 is the new 30!” “30 is the new 20!” “20 is the new 10!” (Okay, I really hope that last one is never uttered because I don’t want to see some 10 year old up in the U of I bars drinking Vodka Water Limes then sitting on... Read more »

Jason Collins coming out- Don't we all just want somebody to love?

For any of you that know me, you’re probably pretty aware of where I stand with my political beliefs. Hence the opinion I have about Jason Collins-for anyone unaware, the NBA player that recently was featured in Sports Illustrated for revealing that he is gay. Jason Collins is a professional athlete, yes. And, it’s widely... Read more »