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Why, as adults, do we still feel like that 12-year-old?

This is something I’ve been trying to wrap my head around. Why is this? Let’s just be honest here. I was not exactly Adriana Lima growing up. I had a (debatable) mullet, had a lot of baby fat (that seems to be coming back in the 30’s! Yay!), dressed like a REALLY bad extra from... Read more »

I’m not a Kardashian fan, but no woman should be subject to this.

So, rant of the day. On the list of “Hollywood Favorites”, Kim K. does not come near the top of mine. (We know I prefer Larry David.) However, this absolutely reprehensible photo is being circulated around the internet regarding her and her pregnancy. This is not okay. Like her or don’t, it is really disrespectful,... Read more »