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The taming of the 30-year old

The big “leap” to age 30: Some realizations. Ok, for those of you who know me, whether you love me, hate me, or feel somewhere in between, you can all agree on one thing- my 20’s were NOT a boring period in my life.  A bit of a “whirlwind”, if you will. Certain eras of... Read more »

Texting: It's the best and the worst

Disclaimer: this is from my old blog. But I can plagiarize from myself. I just felt this fitting right now. What did we do back in 1999 when your only attempt at reaching someone not via a landline was through AIM? Your desktop computer was surely not strapped to you at all times like your... Read more »

Texts from..last night, this morning, yesterday afternoon….whenever. A sampling of the good, bad, ugly, and just plain funny- Part One.

So, we all know that no one actually talks on the phone anymore, right? Everything is communicated via text. Thank God for that since I have an iPhone, and can barely even make any phone calls. Here is a sampling of some texts I’ve received and text exchanges that I’ve been a part of. Blatantly... Read more »