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Respect the belt: Etiquette is a lost art

So, for any of you that are my Facebook friends, you may have seen a picture I posted last week that looked a little something like this: (I was struggling to carry a huge basket of groceries, nearly falling out, my arm about to be severed from the weight of the basket, and the woman... Read more »

Chicago doesn't have nice winter weather? Please, fill me in on other shocking revelations.

I’ve lived here forever. Yeah, I’ve put up with delightful winters that actually buried people in snow, tornadoes at Wrigley Field where we literally had to go to a bar named “The Dugout” which was luckily underground so we didn’t die, a monsoon at Lollapalooza where I looked as if I had had gotten doused... Read more »

"Oh so you're a sexy...vending machine?" What to expect in costumes this Halloween.

So, it’s that time of year. Halloween season. The time of year where everyone has the license to dress up in whatever they choose. Every year, I always try to go as something ridiculous.  Unike many girls, I don’t try to take a completely random object and turn it into a “sexy” costume . (See... Read more »

Why I'll be a loyal Chicagoan for life

Things I love about Chicago. As I am here visiting one of my wonderful friends in Washington, D.C. (which, is a great town, and I love it), I start to think of my home base, Chicago, and why I’m so attached to it. I have known many other people that can pick up and leave,... Read more »

The taming of the 30-year old

The big “leap” to age 30: Some realizations. Ok, for those of you who know me, whether you love me, hate me, or feel somewhere in between, you can all agree on one thing- my 20’s were NOT a boring period in my life.  A bit of a “whirlwind”, if you will. Certain eras of... Read more »

Dining Adventures in Chi: My Unofficial Awards

Oh, Chicago. We are definitely known for our food, which, some of is, uh, a bit on the unhealthy side. (Funny, we somehow miss that “top list of healthy cities to live in” list every year, but whatever. I’ll eat a carrot and show my solidarity with Portland or wherever. I’m kidding. Before I get... Read more »

A few more places I'd like to avoid in Chicago.

Once again, I love my great city. However, there are inevitably good and bad sides to everything. After some thought, here are a few more places I’d like to avoid. Exiting Lollapalooza after you’ve stayed for the encore. So every year, I claim, “I’m NOT GOING BACK ITS TOO MUCH.” What do I do every... Read more »