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Why does "30 have to be the new 20?"

You hear this all the time. “40 is the new 30!” “30 is the new 20!” “20 is the new 10!” (Okay, I really hope that last one is never uttered because I don’t want to see some 10 year old up in the U of I bars drinking Vodka Water Limes then sitting on... Read more »

Seven backhanded compliments to a thirty-something

So, let’s face it. I’m not 25 anymore. Although, most of the time I wish I still was. However, time marches on, and, well, people apparently seem to take in in their liberty to critique your lifestyle. I am a full believer in do whatever you want that makes you happy in your life at... Read more »

30 going on....3?

So, being graced as the lucky only child that I am, my wonderful mother used to keep a journal of, well, my daily life habits as a child.  Doctor’s appointments, ear infections, tooth loss, “She’s actually not bald anymore!”,  “Amy got suspended from the basketball team due to her behavior”, you see where I’m going.... Read more »

The taming of the 30-year old

The big “leap” to age 30: Some realizations. Ok, for those of you who know me, whether you love me, hate me, or feel somewhere in between, you can all agree on one thing- my 20’s were NOT a boring period in my life.  A bit of a “whirlwind”, if you will. Certain eras of... Read more »