Valentine's Day? "Dislike" Button.

So, I know it probably seems odd coming from someone who is happily engaged that I would not finally be happy to "celebrate" Valentine's Day. Incorrect, my friends. In fact, husband to be and I talked about it and we agreed- the day can really turn out to be kind of a bust. For many reasons.

However, I think now with the overwhelming influence of social media and smart phones in our everyday life,  this will be a game changer with how certain holidays are celebrated, particularly Valentine's Day. I mean, nowadays  you can barely wipe your nose without receiving a notification on your phone that your friend from 3rd grade checked in at an airport bathroom on Facebook. So, on a "holiday" so ripe with emotion for a number of people, technology can affect us more harmfully than we realize.

First of all, I remember back when I was a really hip, thin, attractive kid (read: awkward, shy, and sitting alone during roller skating parties with pizza as my date) and Valentine's Day rolled around. I remember the cool kids getting Valentines and I got, well, not much. I can just see 11 year old Amy with a Facebook page, obsessively refreshing to see if whoever down the street accepted my friendship because clearly we were destined for marriage. I can't imagine now what kids have to deal with having Facebook walls, Twitter feeds, Snapchat picture rolls (I am so uncool I don't even know what they are called), text messages, it's a system overload.  What used to be happiness from human contact is now measured in wall postings or retweets.

All of these technologies must be exhausting for kids to deal with, because I know that even  yes, we as ADULTS deal with annoyance with all of these technology issues when it comes to competition with relationships. Anyone who is reading this who regularly uses any of the above who has never once used Facebook, Twitter, etc. in the capacity to  either positively or negatively highlight something about a relationship- well, that is quite shocking. I mean, think about it- even if someone inadvertently posts a happy picture, meaning no harm, of themselves and their significant other, may cause someone to feel bombarded with the idea that they "need" to be happy in love on V-Day.  They may see these images in cyberspace and start to feel a little down. And for what reason? Who even knows how happy those people really are.

So, I feel very blessed to have a wonderful person in my life, but we don't need to make a production out of it. I mean, if it's necessary, I'll tweet him from across the living room on Friday night so we fit in.  Just try to enjoy the day as another day, go about your business, and enjoy the fact that all the candy will be 50% off at Walgreens come Saturday. And don't forget to "like" this article above on Facebook if you liked it and. And retweet. And put it in your AOL profile.

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