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Why my wedding dress scares me

No, it’s not because I am scared to get married, although I think the rest of the world is very scared of this. I am actually, for once in a very long time, a bit more secure than I’ve been in years. The real reason? I am scared because of its size and what that... Read more »

Donna Day 2014: What you need to know to be a hero

The picture above is of a beautiful young girl, Donna, who left us far too soon in her brave fight with pediatric cancer. The past few years in my family have unfortunately been years in which the word “cancer” has not been an unfamiliar term to us. My mom has fought (like a champion, mind... Read more »

Valentine's Day? "Dislike" Button.

So, I know it probably seems odd coming from someone who is happily engaged that I would not finally be happy to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day. Incorrect, my friends. In fact, husband to be and I talked about it and we agreed- the day can really turn out to be kind of a bust. For many... Read more »