"Hold on, I am watching Ditka on SportsCenter"...is this what being engaged is like?

So, first of all, that is the most stereotypical quote that could have been uttered by my fiance (saying "fiance" is like picturing Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids where she is freaking out saying "OH MY GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING"). Like, what sane man would want to marry me? Luckily, there is one. I never thought that would happen, although I did figure the one that would marry me would be highly attentive to Ditka. I truly believed this would never happen. But, it is.

You know how I know he loves me?

-He kisses my scar where the bastard melanoma was removed from and tells me it's beautiful.

-He gets me Theraflu in the middle of the night when I am suffering from what I hope is not bird flu.

-He tells me to pursue my dream of being a writer or counselor and that he will be there behind me no matter what.

-He calls my mom to check on her. (This scares me a bit because they are similar and I could see them having sessions complaining about me which is fine, I deserve to be complained about. They are both saints.)

-He will use random 90's movies quotes to get things across to me and I get them immediately.

-(Very superficially)- I can wear heels at my wedding and not be a monster. Well, I am still a monster, but in other ways.

-(Not superficially)- I could count on him to love me even if I did lose all of my hair, had 20 scars, and, well, just needed some love.

And, that's all for now. But I lucked out. Big time. Even if I have to deal with Ditka homages and watching football. At least it's American football. ;)


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