Seven terrible (but typical) breakup excuses

I am sure we have all broken up with someone at some point in our lives. Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to use these one-liners as opposed to saying “Hey, look, I don’t love you” “It’s done, I think you’re gross”, “I am absolutely cheating on you”, etc. So, we decide to use these lovely excuses to soften the blow of the impending breakup.

“I need to focus on my work/school right now.”

(Said while you can see the person is clearly on Facebook chat or Gmail chat. Even better, said while the person is at a bar. I think your focus is lacking.)

“I think we are at different places in our lives.”

(I found someone younger/hotter or older/richer than you.)

“I just have too much going on right now to deal with.”

(Yeah, so isn’t that what a partnership is for? To help one another with issues? Whatever.)

“I need some space.”

(I need space so I can hang out with the other person I’ve met that I’d rather hang out with than you.)

“I am just not the relationship type of person.”

(Says the person you find out is in another relationship a week later.)

“You deserve better than me.”

(I am trying to make YOU feel guilty and take the blame off of me.)

And, to end, the classic:

“It’s so not you, it’s me.”

(It’s not me, it’s you.)

So, is it worse or better to hear the harsh truth or to hear the excuse? It’s hard to say. I can claim that I would like someone to just tell me “Hey, look, you mean nothing to me anymore, so let’s just call it a day”. However, that truth is harsh. And, it stings.  So, maybe, I just need some space because of the place I am at in my life.

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