Songs for the dumped-pick a mood!

There was a really great post last week by another fellow CN Blogger, Lists That Actually Matter, and, well, the fact that I indeed got my sorry behind kicked to the curb that inspired this post. Yep, getting dumped sucks. However, great music has been inspired from the turmoil people put one another through. I have thought about it- depending on the mood I am in, different break up songs will strike me. Here are a few of my favorites.

Emo/I’m angry/I’m wearing American Apparel/My eyes are swollen from crying

Ben Folds Five, "Song for the Dumped"

This song could not be any more right on for certain situations. That’s all I am going to say. Give me back my black t-shirt.

I’m still angry so let’s find some angry emo types to describe it, what better than our fellow former North Shore dwellers.

Fall Out Boy, "Patron Saint of Liars"

I remember playing this repeatedly in college. And, at various times after college when I pretended to be an emotional teen when I was sitting in a suit waiting to close a commercial real estate deal. Nonetheless, this song cures your need to want to throw keys at someone. Not like that’s happened, or something.

The “Hey, I’m out partying in heels that I can barely walk in and I think I look great but I look like an idiot singing along to this song but I am upset so who cares”

Deadmau5 and Kaskade, “You and I”

Since this is a more “dance-y” jam, chances are you're hearing it at a club or bar. Or in your car at 7am when you were commuting to the suburbs from downtown. Just kidding. Not really. Anyhow, this is one of those “I’m going to get up on the bar stool and pretend I'm not upset by my breakup but I am which is why I am on this barstool so thanks” kind of songs.

Is that just me? It is?

The “Yeah, I really want to be like, I’m all better than you, and stuff” song

Mariah Carey, "Someday"

This song is every girl’s imaginary vision of walking by that ex-boyfriend wearing a sweet dress that somehow gives you cleavage and the waist of a 17 year old, great makeup, having to shush off your followers. You hope that this dude will be pining for you. Hell, is he worth it?  (When in reality, you will run into your ex in CVS while wearing “real” sweatpants, sunglasses that make you resemble the Unabomber, a fleece hasn’t been washed since college, buying dishwasher detergent…I’m sure they are thinking…yeah….”someday….”.)

The “I watched Wayne’s World too much in the 90’s” song

Ugly Kid Joe, "Everything About You"

I never really got when I was 11 and watched one of the most glorious movies of all time why Wayne was upset with Stacey. Then, I realized that Stacey did in fact, have to “get the net”, They broke up, and don’t talk anymore, that’s what breaking up is.

The “Official generic band of the 2000’s” attempt at sounding like Creed and being emotional”

Default,  “Wasting My Time”

Although this song is not some musical masterpiece, it makes you think. Am I wasting my time? A big question to ask.

The “Yep I am in my 30’s and this song still comes to mind even though I played it as an 11 year old and thought it was cool” tune

Alanis Morrissette, "You Oughta Know"

I mean, yeah- I would have written an angry piece like this had I been dumped by Uncle Joey from Full House Sorry, Alanis.

I guess being dumped sucks, doesn’t it? No one likes to be told, "Hey, you're not at all what I want at all anymore!" "You need to be more organized!" "You need to be taller!" (Ok, that would only be if I had been dating some freakishly tall Bosnian volleyball player.) I mean, who doesn't love hearing that? It's like the best start to the week!

But, look at all the music and art generated from it. "Pain inspires art that resonates". I remember a teacher telling me that in high school when I wrote a questionable poem that was either like "you are a genius" or "you need a straight jacket". We're all good now. As I go to write some poems.



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