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Red Cross for Teenage Insecurity

One of the jobs I have most loved was being an English/Reading/Writing tutor to high school kids. I helped kids prepare for their SAT/ACT college entrance exams one on one to help them achieve the goal of getting into the school of their dreams. I had taught many students, apathetic, doing the tutoring because their... Read more »

Why does "30 have to be the new 20?"

You hear this all the time. “40 is the new 30!” “30 is the new 20!” “20 is the new 10!” (Okay, I really hope that last one is never uttered because I don’t want to see some 10 year old up in the U of I bars drinking Vodka Water Limes then sitting on... Read more »

The six types of people you don't want to sit by on an airplane

So, I am flying in a couple weeks out to California for a dear friend’s wedding. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to fly, and by that, mean that I’d rather ride a tricycle there. Yet, that’s probably not happening. However, I always anticipate who I am going to sit by on the... Read more »

Are SmartPhones ruining our well-being?

Ok, so maybe I’m being dramatic. But let me explain why I believe this is a true phenomenon. Before smartphones, there were Nokia brick phones. Before that, there was this crazy thing called a landline, which  “OH MY GOD YOU DISCONNECTED ME FROM AOL” probably resonates with the peers of my generation. The smartphone is... Read more »