Jason Collins coming out- Don't we all just want somebody to love?

For any of you that know me, you’re probably pretty aware of where I stand with my political beliefs. Hence the opinion I have about Jason Collins-for anyone unaware, the NBA player that recently was featured in Sports Illustrated for revealing that he is gay.

Jason Collins is a professional athlete, yes. And, it’s widely known, in my opinion, that in professional sports it is “frowned upon” if you are gay. Frowned upon may not even be a strong enough term. However, at the end of the day, he is just like all of us humans trying to make it on this weird planet.

I’ve said this for a long time, and I stand by it. I don’t care who you want to date, marry, partner with. It should be celebrated if you find somebody that you can get along with (maybe this applies to me because I am DEFINITELY NOT A HIGH MAINTENANCE ONLY CHILD, wait what? Sorry), who will take care of you when you’re sick, who will listen to your dumb jokes, who will give you advice and comfort, who genuinely cares about your career ambitions, who will eat Taco Bell with you (ok, sorry again, I’m kidding, kind of). In short, someone who will accept you for who you are- who cares if it’s a person of the opposite or same sex? God bless you if you actually find someone you are HAPPY with. There are so many miserable couples existing, some I unfortunately know personally, and these can be of mixed sexes or same sexes. If you find a person regardless of what their sex is, that makes you not want to jump off of a roof, I feel there is a victory.

Also, why is it anyone’s business who we want to be in a relationship with? Why does it matter who our partner is (obviously, unless you are being a shady rascal and are cheating, etc.)?  I personally do not understand the logic of why anyone cares about this. (Insert obligatory religious comment here. I am a Catholic. So there.) I enjoy seeing people happy. It’s a basic human want and need to have companionship and have said companionship with someone who treats you right. Is it better to live a lie and be with someone because it’s “good on paper”? To me, I think not.

So, thank you, Jason Collins, for being honest and open. I appreciate it. I’m sure many other (sane) people do too. And to everyone out there- go find someone, anyone, who makes you smile and laugh until your stomach hurts, and get some Taco Bell.

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