The Pope is modern enough for Twitter but not modern enough for some certain civil issues….

So, look. I was raised Catholic. I went to a Catholic school for nine years, had you jerky CCD kids ruin my desk by gluing my books together and drawing all over everything with every “flavor” of Mr. Sketch marker so that my Phonics book smelled like a licorice-flavored strawberry with a twist of lemon. Thanks for that, by the way. We all really appreciated that. Except the one kid in the corner who kept licking the book. Maybe he DID appreciate that.

Anyways, point being, as a Catholic (technically), I am happy we elected a new Pope. I am also happy that he comes from a region that makes up 40% of the Catholic population and speaks, obviously, fluent Spanish. I was happy to see the hoards of people gathered to celebrate his initiation in a genuine, admirable manner.

I just wish we could move a little forward in the good old CC. The modernity needs to increase or it is going to continue to lose followers like myself (not from religion completely) but from its type of faith.  Call me a “crazy liberal” or whatever you want, this it true.

If we would allow women to be ministers, we would have a much greater amount of those wanting to go into ministry. Some of the best services I have been to have been those of other religions where either a man or a woman was speaking, but related the sermon to everyday life that I felt the entire population resonated with. Family issues, relationship issues. These are things we often turn to God to pray about (well, at least, I do) and it was comforting to hear about this from someone in this role. I know many wonderful Catholic women who are completely devoted to the religion; would be amazing speakers and very inspiring; and, would love what they would be doing to further the Catholic message.

Additionally, can we get over the marriage thing? In this day and age, if you find someone who accepts all your insanity, all your flaws, but yet all of your wonderful qualities, and wants to marry you, WHO CARES WHO IT IS. Yeah, it’s better to marry someone out of false pretenses and be divorced at 25. Much better. Why can’t people accept that love is love? (Ducking getting ready to have Bible thrown at me telling me that marriage is between a man and woman.) Isn’t it better to live a happy, fulfilling life with someone who cares about you? And do things of service such as volunteer and perhaps even adopt a child who would not have had a home otherwise? (They sound like really awful couples, don’t they?)  Sorry, just throwing that crazy idea out there.

So, I’ll never disrespect my Pope, being that I am a baptized Catholic. I just believe that there are certain areas that need to be examined in our church to retain members and to better ourselves! Who wouldn’t want more great ministers and to have more happy families attending services? Doesn’t it seem like a win-win?

Anyways, my take on the whole deal. Again, and this is in absolutely no sarcasm, God Bless the new Pope, I just hope he may adopt some more modern ideas. And stop tweeting. Just kidding, says the girl going to Facebook and Tweet this now.

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