I’m not a Kardashian fan, but no woman should be subject to this.

So, rant of the day. On the list of “Hollywood Favorites”, Kim K. does not come near the top of mine. (We know I prefer Larry David.) However, this absolutely reprehensible photo is being circulated around the internet regarding her and her pregnancy.


This is not okay. Like her or don’t, it is really disrespectful, and in extremely poor taste. The woman is bearing a child, for God’s sake. I know all of the health nuts are going to come at me and say that she should be “eating healthier and could avoid this etc. etc.”, but again, come on. She’s got a live human being kicking and doing God knows what else in there. (Moms, help me out. I don’t know what this pregnancy thing is like. And everyone just breathed a sigh of relief knowing I don’t have a child.) A mother is a mother, and she should be left alone. This just further perpetuates the hate and angst that so many women feel toward their bodies, and, I am sure, made a lot of women go check in the mirror for their so perceived “flaws”.

Is this just me being sensitive because I have a passionate distaste towards eating disorders? Do I just not want to see my younger counterparts think that it is okay to be publicly ripped on if you gain weight (ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE HAVING A CHILD)? Do I think that this was an extremely crude photo probably made by some 18 year old guy who is sitting playing XBOX while eating his face off with his stellar figure? Yes.

Look, I’m not saying I’m any Heidi Klum here. Trust me. Anyone who knows me knows I am about as self-deprecating as it gets. But, we need to start being much more respectful towards one another and our bodies. We are not all going to be 5’10” and 110 pounds (yeah, kinda to my dismay, but I’m accepting it). I know many women who eat quite healthy, work out regularly, and are “curvy”. I’m not advocating that everyone run out to Arby’s and gorge- I am just saying, our bodies all react differently to situations.

So, leave Kim K. alone about the weight. Let her be. Again, I know she is not America’s most loved person, but no person deserved to be treated like that.

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