ADIDAS: All day I dream about soccer? Maybe not....

Hi from Spain. Hola, actually. Anyways, I was just (shockingly) watching the Spain vs. France World Cup qualifying “match” (not game, get it right everyone, I had to).  As you can probably tell, I was really interested in the game, so I started observing some of the uniforms and sponsors. If you didn’t already know, Adidas produces many products that are used in soccer. They also produced sweet gym shoes in 1993 that I wore thinking I was really cool, like these: (Mind you I didn't play a lick of soccer.)



I have been told the name of thecompany stands for the acronym above, “All day I dream about soccer.” Then, the band Korn had to go and make the lovely inappropriate song describing what their thoughts were on what they dreamed about all day. I mean, it’s Korn, did you expect “MMM-Bop?”  See here for what I mean. (Not kid or work friendly. Just sayin.)

So, I think that the last “S” is really limited to just soccer. Don’t people dream about other things all day? I think some others would probably have something else to say about the matter. I would imagine maybe things as such:

*"Smoking"- said yours truly every day for 3 months after I quit

*"Sainthood" - said Pope John Paul II to all of his fellow archbishops and crew before he passed on

*"Soap"- says the slightly OCD person with subscription to the "Hand Sanitizer Flavor of the Month" club

*"Snoopy"- said Charlie Brown and Woodstock

*"Skrillex"- says everyone that enjoys wearing neon and likes loud noises

*”Something….?”- says I, writing when I am in ADD mode…now, wait, where was I?

*"Samuel L. Jackson"- said Quentin Tarantino while filming Pulp Fiction

*"Salt"- says the person with high blood pressure being unsatisfied with a low-sodium meal seasoned with Mrs. Dash (ahem, I may salt everything to the point where it could melt snow, so, guilty here)

*"Splinter"- said the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

*"Sharing"- says no only child EVER

*"Snoozing"- says everyone who needs to be at work before 8am

*"San Diego"- says every Chicagoan every year who complains about the weather yet lives here for 30+ years

*"Skinny jeans"- (this is a multifaceted one)- says every woman when they try on 14 pairs while shopping and not one fits; says everyone in Europe; says everyone in Ukranian Village and Logan Square

*"Soda"- says no one in the Midwest

*"Spam"- (again, more than one type of dreamer)- says the person who works at Google developing software to filter crap out of your e-mail; says the oh-so-common person that loves canned "meat" food products

*"Sporks"- says everyone after leaving Taco Bell (nice follow up from fake processed stuff, no?)

*"Scandals"- says everyone who works at TMZ who wishes to keep employment

In the meantime, why don’t you go dream, whether it is of sandwiches, South Dakota, stop signs, Scrabble, who knows? So whatever, Korn, you could have been a little bit more original. (However, bet the “All day I dream about Spam” song wouldn’t have been as much of a hit with the 14-year old boys, but whatever.) Buenos noches.

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