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ADIDAS: All day I dream about soccer? Maybe not....

Hi from Spain. Hola, actually. Anyways, I was just (shockingly) watching the Spain vs. France World Cup qualifying “match” (not game, get it right everyone, I had to).  As you can probably tell, I was really interested in the game, so I started observing some of the uniforms and sponsors. If you didn’t already know,... Read more »

Part 1 of European adventures with yours truly...

This is surprising, as I am scrambling around my apartment looking for that last important lip gloss, or, oh, that pesky passport thing that I NEED TO BRING.
I am heading off to Europe tomorrow- so excited. I think my boyfriend is terrified to take this trip with me as you’ll see why below.  Anyways, here’s how I imagine the preparation for departure will ensue. Parts 2 and 3 to come. Bonjour.

The Pope is modern enough for Twitter but not modern enough for some certain civil issues….

So, look. I was raised Catholic. I went to a Catholic school for nine years, had you jerky CCD kids ruin my desk by gluing my books together and drawing all over everything with every “flavor” of Mr. Sketch marker so that my Phonics book smelled like a licorice-flavored strawberry with a twist of lemon.... Read more »

I’m not a Kardashian fan, but no woman should be subject to this.

So, rant of the day. On the list of “Hollywood Favorites”, Kim K. does not come near the top of mine. (We know I prefer Larry David.) However, this absolutely reprehensible photo is being circulated around the internet regarding her and her pregnancy. This is not okay. Like her or don’t, it is really disrespectful,... Read more »