Cancer: By the letters.

I recently received devastating news that a friend from mine from college, a wonderful, beautiful person, had passed away at 30 years old from a battle with cancer. Having heard about her journey and also having seen it closely in my family, I decided to write a nice little description of the word, letter by letter, as to what my feelings were on the subject.

C: Cruel. A ruthless disease that often hits extremely healthy people for absolutely no reason.

A: Asshole. (You are one, Cancer.) Plain and simple, no explanation necessary.

N: Never-ending uncertainty. For the one with cancer, of course, and their family, their significant others, and their friends. Always hoping for the best. What will be that next result of surgery? What will be that next result of a PET Scan?

C: Courage. I’ve never seen more courage exuded in those that I’ve seen fighting this bastard battle, more strength than an angry shark. These people are pure inspiration to help you deal with your own trivial bs.

E: Enigma. Why, we all wonder, why does this hit this loved one that we are close to? Why do they have to go through hellish treatments, surgery, doctor’s appointments, etc.? Mystery.

R: Retaliation. What we all need to combat this horrendous disease. Yes, we can keep fighting for newer treatments and better cures. But in the meantime, volunteer. Visit those who are in need. Keep your loved ones optimistic and strong.

Be well and hug someone you love tonight.

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