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Oregon Trail and oh-so-friendly life as a Catholic school student

Oh, the joys of Catholic grade school….anyone who has attended one has many memories. I surely do. They are some of the best memories that I have, even though some might not be exactly positive (see below). I attended Our Lady of Ransom in Niles, IL. Yes, RANSOM. I always enjoyed getting the question of... Read more »

17 Things I'll Never Do.

17 things I’ll never do. So, I have been doing a lot of thinking about life lately, and many random things come to mind. (Wait- this is new? Me thinking of random things? What’s the shiny thing over there?) But, I overheard someone on the CTA, on my favorite Red Line, discussing with her friend... Read more »

Cancer: By the letters.

I recently received devastating news that a friend from mine from college, a wonderful, beautiful person, had passed away at 30 years old from a battle with cancer. Having heard about her journey and also having seen it closely in my family, I decided to write a nice little description of the word, letter by... Read more »