I have officially become the girl I've made fun of for years.

So, yeah. I am feeling a little hypocritical today. I used to write an entire blog devoted to basically ripping on anything "couple-y" or anything of that matter. If  anyone cares enough to see past posts, let me know. (I'm sure my inbox will be just flooded with emails.)

But yes. this former cynic, which I guess would be an accurate term, is now in a relationship. What is this? I ask myself, as it is sort of a foreign concept to me. I find myself texting things like "Yay you're wonderful!" (I wish I could cue the Seinfeld episode with "No, you're schmoopy!")  where as before I would completely chastise those who did that. My usual texts consisted of "I can't find a cab", "I am running really late for dinner"-wait, this still happens with the boyf- or "The Red Line smells terrible". Relationship or not, the Red Line DOES still smell terrible.

Anyways, I guess it is interesting to see how things can change very quickly. I didn't expect this to happen, although I am very happy it did. I guess this is just a lesson to learn that you really can't judge things until you are in the situation. I used to think that relationships were a bunch of stuff (Joe Biden reference noted, please) that I didn't get. But, I am actually happy. So maybe it's timing, maybe it's luck, who knows. However, if it does happen to you, and you are happy, just go with it. I am. And that's a new one for this girl. (Insert smiley emoticon here.)

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  • There's nothing like love to make you stupid. Congrats!

  • PS- Spoken from experience, of course :)

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