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Ah, being passive aggressive. So I guess if you don't like this, you'll comment anonymously.

Ok, we’ve all done it. Name one time where you know that you were, in fact, guilty of being passive aggressive.  However, there are varying levels of annoyance when it comes to passive aggressive behavior. Some are mild offenses; some are just blatant “I will slap you in the face” when I see you next... Read more »

I have officially become the girl I've made fun of for years.

So, yeah. I am feeling a little hypocritical today. I used to write an entire blog devoted to basically ripping on anything “couple-y” or anything of that matter. If  anyone cares enough to see past posts, let me know. (I’m sure my inbox will be just flooded with emails.) But yes. this former cynic, which... Read more »

Saying goodbye to Parliament (and not the English House of Lords)

So, we all know it’s not good to smoke. “Hey, light that one up, it’s going to do wonders for your allergies and asthma, Amy!”…said no one, ever. However, like many bad, addictive habits in life, we often revert back to them because they are comfortable. (Other examples that come to mind are perhaps nail... Read more »