30 going on....3?

So, being graced as the lucky only child that I am, my wonderful mother used to keep a journal of, well, my daily life habits as a child.  Doctor’s appointments, ear infections, tooth loss, "She's actually not bald anymore!",  “Amy got suspended from the basketball team due to her behavior”, you see where I’m going. After coming across this recently, I've discovered that I may have not evolved much since I was a kid.

My point is, I really think we do develop who we are at a really young age. The little Amy compared with 30 year old Amy, well, isn’t that different.

A: (1985) (Mom’s journal, after pediatrician visit, Resurrection Hospital, northwest side) "Amy is a very anxious child who talks a lot and has a hard time sitting still."

Um, has anyone met me lately? I am still a very anxious person who, well, talks a lot and has a hard time sitting still. Excuse me for a moment while I go look at that shiny thing over there.

B: (1990) (Catholic school report card) "Amy is a lovely child but always needs to have everyone pay attention to her. She needs to learn to share more efficiently."

Hmm...I’ve lived alone the last six years. Do we find this coincidental? And why haven’t you texted me BACK???? It’s been SIX MINUTES. Wait, maybe it’s just AT&T service in Chicago. Or maybe I am just being OCD. Or an annoying only child. Probably all three combined.

C: (1995) (Catholic school “board hearing”) "Amy is getting suspended from the basketball team because she mouths off in class, is obnoxious, and yet, somehow manages to pull straight A’s."

I’ve quit the smart ass in class routine but I’ve been lucky enough to get good “grades” in my further education while continuing to be, well, an ass. “Yes mom, I am at the library….” Said on Nokia brick phone while R. Kelly's "Ignition Remix" is blasting in the background, while wading in a pool of GOD knows what in the bathroom line at CO’s back at U of I. (Sidenote: I still think people should get immunized for third world diseases when going to said bars- try to avoid dysentery.) And I can still be obnoxious, when necessary.

D: (2000) (Guidance counselor, high school) “Amy has a lot of potential but seems to be scattered in where she feels like heading in life.”

Yep, I’m 30, and not still quite sure what I want to be when I grow up. Magician? Marine Biologist? Probably negative to those two. Too clumsy to be a magician and too much left-brained action involved in marine biology.

E: (1985) Pants/shirts/dresses don’t fit right because of my height.

Current: Pants/shirts/dresses don’t fit right because of my height. Except now blue corduroys like the ones my mom put me in back then are selling for $210 at Barney’s so maybe she was on to a trend.

Therefore, I don’t think we change THAT much from that original person we were. Of course, we mature and evolve, somewhat. But, I believe that the underlying little toddler that you were in preschool still is your core self.  You are born YOU.  So, in the words of the ever so illustrious Lady Gaga (can’t believe I’m using this as a reference point)…”Baby, I was born this way.” Wow…..I just took Lady Gaga to a deeper level. Now I’m sort of frightened.


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  • I am so glad my mother did not keep a diary of my life as I grew up. OMG that would be scary for me - probably boring for everyone else.

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